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Tools for Monitoring Servers

Maintaining a webserver is no easy task, you will not know when the attack is about to happen but Usually occurs during your sleep. There are various tools to monitor your server performance but for the most part it requires shell access to the server. Checking Server […]

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Annoying LFD on Excessive resource usage

I’ve been bombarded with lots of LFD messages lately and its getting annoying. While most people tend to ignore these messages, it might be something worthy to be investigated. After all LFD flagged it as a warning so there must be some sort of a problem. Here […]

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Windows 8.1 is here

I’ve been using 8.1 ever since it was released via MSDN months ago. Now Microsoft has announced its public release via the Windows Store. Anyone with Windows 8 operating system can download the update for free. For those who have installed the Windows 8.1 preview will need […]

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