I am back after a long break

Just attended an interesting workshop provided by Krista M. Garcia for corporate writing and corporate photography by Shai Lagarde our communications manager at A Brown. Although, it’s not really geared towards content ranking, it’s informative none the less. The talk reminds me that i too have a site that needs to be updated and the content should not only include Euler problems but diversified topics similar to my old blog

Coming from a world where page rank matters, i am curious to how a creative writer creates their articles without ever wondering how it may rank in search results and to what approach are they doing to do in order successfully write one. And, it is exactly what i get, a whole new method of writing content based on just the product itself, which of course in today’s google guidelines is way more preferred.

I realized that with my absence in page ranking world for several years, there is only a few significant change. It might be because the saying “content is the king” is still in play. So, what now? yes, i might revive this good old blog and start writing again. shouts to the two beautiful individuals who have just inspired me once again. I am linking their details below for anyone of my readers to check them out.

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